The DIGICASTER® Platform
Monitor and Manage Your Video Transport Events

The DIGICASTER® Scheduler is one of the core components of our DIGICASTER® Service and is used to schedule, monitor and manage all video transport events. Via the feature rich, web based Scheduler portal, customers have the capability of managing their transport 24x7x365. The Scheduler handles the initiation and termination of all transport based upon scheduled events. This greatly simplifies the process for the user . . . all the user has to do is schedule an event and sit back and watch it happen.

The Scheduler has been developed with customer flexibility in mind. It partitions the end-user devices for customized access and security, while maintaining all user activity logs. User accounts can have either Read/Write permissions, or View Only permissions. Users with Read/Write permissions have the ability to schedule, modify and delete events.

View Only permissions are typically implemented for users who are responsible for monitoring events only and do not have the ability to manage events. The Scheduler also provides detailed reporting capabilities allowing users to generate listings of scheduled, past or cancelled events for a given time period. We have also incorporated the ability to export these queries to Microsoft Excel format.

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